Frequently asked Questions

Why Home School?

Parents who teach their children at home want only the best for them. Home schooling allows parents to give their children an education that develops their talents and abilities. They do this using the time-tested tutorial method.

Home schooling offers the best educational opportunities for the child through one-on-one education and self-teaching curriculum in a disciplined learning environment. The high quality of the available curriculum and constant parental involvement enable an education of the highest quality. Home schooling also strengthens families.


How does a child experience the world?

Home schooling allows parents to protect their children from negative influences such as drugs and violence. Children are again able to experience society in a way appropriate for their age. Domestic and international experiences with home schooling have proven its success.


How does home schooling work?

Home schooling is carried out with all due respect for the educational goals and content recommended by the state, using, for example, distance education courses with parental involvement, respecting the individual development of the students personality.


What are the educational goals of home education?

Home schooling parents are committed to provide their children with a nationally or internationally recognized diploma that best suits each childs goals and abilities.


What qualifications must parents have to educate their children at home?

Statistics prove that the level of the parents education is not important for home schooling. The most important factors are the good example of the parents and their belief that they can best fulfill their duty to God, their children and their country by educating their children at home.Fre